How to take care of an old dog that stays with you for life?

 How to take care of an old dog that stays with you for life?

Dogs only have a lifespan of ten to twenty years, and they bring us a lot of happiness during their lifetime with us. So what should we pay attention to when they enter old age? How to care for our dogs so that they can spend their old age happily.

  • Diet – The biggest problem for many dogs is obesity. Just like us, obesity in dogs can cause many diseases. Such as heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, etc. Obesity not only increases the burden on various organs. It will also increase the burden on the dog’s spine and joints. What kind of weight is suitable? Generally speaking, we believe that if you put your hands between the dog's ribs and press a little, you can feel the dog's ribs and the gap between the ribs, which is the appropriate size. If you can't feel it, you are too fat. If you can see the ribs and intercostal spaces, you are too thin. Therefore, you must control your weight and eat properly, and it is best to eat professional senior dog food.


  • Exercise - Dogs themselves are very lively and active, but as they age, their bones and joints will also degenerate to a certain extent, so older dogs are prone to joint diseases and spinal diseases. What care can be taken to prevent such diseases? How to take care of pets whose joints have degenerated due to old age? Pay attention to daily exercise, try to reduce the dog's strenuous and long-term exercise, jump from high places, reduce going up and down stairs, and reduce standing on two legs. Daily walks on flat ground or outings are actually good for their physical and mental health. How do we care for dogs that have developed spinal and joint diseases? In addition to the exercise precautions just mentioned, it is recommended that these elderly dogs do not catch cold! Do not let them sleep directly on the cold floor, do not stay in an air-conditioned room with too low room temperature in summer, and put clothes on your dog to keep warm when the seasons change. You can take some health care drugs that nourish the joints every day, and wear professional pet protective gear dog brace such as dog waist barce,dog knee brace and dog hit brace. They are similar to waist protectors and knee pads used by humans. Pets also have their own protective gear, which can help them stand, protect their joints, and reduce the risk of arthritis. Damage, although it cannot cure the disease, can provide protection and relief for your dog without surgery, allowing them to live a healthy and happy life.


  •  Medical treatment - Many people think that dog medical treatment is very expensive. Think about it, as people age, their organs and tissues will degenerate, and they often go to the hospital. The same goes for animals. Therefore, it is recommended that normal elderly dogs have a physical examination once a year, mainly checking blood routine and biochemistry, taking X-rays to check the spine, joints, and heart, and doing B-ultrasound to check the liver and kidneys. A set costs about 1,000 yuan. Although some parents may think the price is high, it is much cheaper than seeing a doctor. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that everyone get a physical examination every year. If the dog already has problems, it is recommended to have a physical examination every six months, which can be targeted. real-time monitoring. If any abnormality occurs, you should seek medical treatment promptly.

The life of a dog is very short. It spends its whole life accompanying us and bringing us joy. I hope we can also bring them health and happiness in their later years.



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