How do you maintain pet hygiene?

How do you maintain pet hygiene?
  1. Pet hair must be cleaned every day: It is normal for pets to shed hair, so a vacuum cleaner is a must. Some scavengers will let the sweeping robot walk around the house several times a day to clean up the hair on the floor. After that, I won’t take hairwith me wherever I go.
  2. Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection is required every week. I don’t have time to clean carefully at ordinary times, and some places may not be cleaned well, so cleaning once a week must be done. Clean the hair on the sofa well, and then use Wipe the floor with pet disinfectant water and it will be basically clean.
  3. Keep the room ventilated every day. People who keep pets will not smell the smell in their own homes, but if they have friends as guests, they can smell it easily. This is because they are used to it after being in such an environment for a long time. My usual ventilation work is not done well. It is best to place the pet's toilet on the balcony or near a window to facilitate the evaporation of odors and ensure ventilation and fresh air in the home.
  4. Carpets and shoe soles must also be disinfected regularly. In addition to ensuring basic indoor hygiene, pet owners’ shoes may contain bacteria, parasites and other things that are harmful to pets every day when they go out. Therefore, carpets and shoes at the door must also be disinfected regularly to avoid bacteria. Infections harm your pet's health.


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