what to do if your dog catches a cold?

what to do if your dog catches a cold?

The weather is very cold in winter, and you will catch a cold if you are not careful. Owners should also be careful about their dogs catching colds while adding clothes for themselves. After all, dogs cannot speak, so they can only rely on their owners to pay more attention.

 Dog cold symptoms

 Only by knowing some common symptoms of dog colds can we detect and judge the dog's condition in time and ensure the dog's health. The main symptoms of dogs catching a cold are:

  1. Feeling listless, losing the vitality and vitality of the past, and feeling sleepy all day long.
  2. Appetite is greatly reduced, and it cannot arouse its interest in snacks or main meals.
  3. There is watery nasal discharge flowing out of the nostrils, and the dog will frequently lick the tip of its nose and sneeze.
  4. The eyes are red and swollen, with bloodshot eyes or congestion, and sometimes tears may flow out.
  5. If you have symptoms of body fever, the normal dog body temperature should be between 37.5 and 39°C. Puppies are usually around 38°C to 39°C. The body temperature is higher at night than in the morning, and the body temperature difference is about 0.2 to 0.5°C.

How to measure the dog's temperature: Measuring the anal temperature is the most accurate. Apply lubricant to the thermometer and insert it into the dog's anus. Take it out in about 3 to 5 minutes.

 How to treat?

  •  Under normal circumstances, dogs can defeat colds through their own resistance, but if they are puppies, elderly dogs, or other dogs with insufficient resistance, they need to be sent to the hospital for treatment in time. If your dog's cold symptoms last for too long (more than 7 days), it is recommended to go to the hospital to check whether there is bronchitis or pneumonia and other diseases.
  • In order to prevent dogs from catching colds, it is recommended that dogs take some mild cold medicines during the seasons to enhance their resistance and prevent infectious diseases.

 What to pay attention to?

  1. Warmth treatment: Dog owners must pay attention to keeping the dog warm after the dog catches a cold, dry the hair in time after bathing, avoid spending the night outdoors, and replace the dog with a warm kennel and other basic guarantees.
  2. Reduce going out: When a dog catches a cold, the body's resistance will be reduced, and the cold outdoor environment is not conducive to the recovery of the sick dog; at the same time, staying at home can also ensure that the dog has adequate rest.
  3. Strengthen nutrition: Dogs are very weak when they are sick and need to supplement more nutrients to help them recover quickly. Dog owners can add more protein and nutrients to their food during this period.
  4. Seek medical attention promptly: If your dog’s cold symptoms last for a week, it is recommended to send him to the hospital for treatment.



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